Countdown to ICLR2020

Home page. The image is of the Simien Mountains in our originally-planned location in Ethiopia.

🗺️ A Visual Tour of the the Virtual Conference

Schedule of live events, and daily sets of highlighted papers grouped into different themes.
Search through all accepted papers, or use the tool to visually explore papers and themes.
Visually explore papers to learn about.
For every paper, find all its info, times for live sessions, watch the pre-recorded video, chat about the paper, and find similar paper recommendations at the bottom of the page.
Visit the sponsor hall to meet our sponsors
Get help easily when you need it.

🧠 Other Considerations

🟢 Conference Status and Updates

We hope you are safe and in good spirits; and that the virtual conference will be a welcome experience. We wrote this post skittishly testing zoom links and Rocket invites and listening to the Classica Orchestra Afrobeat rendition of Fela Kuti’s No Agreement. 🎧 .



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