Voices of ICLR2020: Announcing our Keynote Speakers

\ICLR2020 Keynote Speakers (Left to right): Aisha Walcott-Bryant, Devi Parikh, Mihaela van der Schaar, Laurent Dinh, Leslie Kaelbling, Michael I Jordan, Ruha Benjamin, Yann LeCun, and Yoshua Benjio.

📚 Keynote Topics and Speakers

  • AI + Africa = Global Innovation. Dr Aisha Walcott-Bryant, IBM Research Africa, Nairobi
  • Doing for Our Robots What Nature Did For Us. Prof. Leslie Kaelbling, MIT
  • 2020 Vision: Reimagining the Default Settings of Technology & Society. Prof. Ruha Benjamin, Princeton University
  • Invertible Models and Normalizing Flows. Dr Laurent Dinh, Google AI
  • Machine Learning: Changing the Future of Healthcare. Prof. Mihaela van der Schaar, University of Cambridge, The Alan Turing Institute, University of California Los Angeles
  • AI Systems That Can See And Talk. Prof. Devi Parikh, Georgia Tech and Facebook AI Research
  • Reflections from the Turing Award Winners. Prof. Yann LeCun, Facebook AI Research and New York University, and Prof. Yoshua Bengio, Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms
  • The Decision-Making Side of Machine Learning: Dynamical, Statistical and Economic Perspectives. Prof. Michael I Jordan, University of California, Berkeley.

🎙 Live Q&A Sessions

🟢 Registration Open and Conference Updates

  • Registration: Already open, go to iclr.cc for details and register as soon as you can.
  • Questions: Check the FAQ, which we update regularly.
  • Volunteers: We request volunteers to help us with testing and quality control. Apply here.
  • Authors of accepted papers: Please complete your videos and sign up for poster slots before 8 April. Reminder of instructions online.
  • Next steps: We’ll continue to share updates on our progress, with more details on workshops, code of conduct updates, and how to prepare for the conference.




International Conference on Learning Representations

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International Conference on Learning Representations

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